The Finnland blogger #12

Experience report of our customer

Fam. Verniers in Hinterstoder


When was your loghouse build up?

In August 2014

How big is your house?

It has 67m² it´s just a holiday home

Which type of log did you choose?

It´s an 180mm squared log with special edges called “Tiroler Schloss”

At every time was the decision clear to build a wooden house?

Of course. at that location “Hinterstoder” you have to build a log house

If you have to make now a new decision, would you still build a log house?

Yes sure!

Please describe the feeling in a log house.

Very comfortable

For further log house owners, what are the most important things to know?

During the building time (especial when you order ready for occupation) you should have an architect which is coordinating the construction. That means local companies, prices and guaranties. They all should fit together. We are from EU foreign country and so we are not on side and instead of us, we trust on Person to handle everything to a positive solution.

What is the most positive part of your log house?

It is our design, a dream come true. Also the whole time from begin to the end is really short. We met first during the holiday in winter with a salesman from Finnlanblock. Thank´s for the easy and fast meetings!

Thank you for the interview and we wish you good luck in your log house!