The Finnland blogger #11

Experience report of our customer

Family Scheffler, Obertraun/Lake Hallstadt


When was your loghouse build up?

In August 2015 the project starts. First the baseplate. The complete block kit was delivered at November 16th 2015 and it was finally finished at February 2016. Until now few little things are still not done. For example the socket paneling, the terrace and also the outdoor facilities. But that´s the destiny of a builder. You are still never finished.

How big is your house?

The sum of our living space is about 126m². By the way, we didn´t build a cellar, it´s not necessary.

Which type of log did you choose?

Ground floor:     laminated squared log 205x275mm

First floor:   Prefabricated

At every time was the decision clear to build a wooden house?

Yes, definitly, the decision was made early.


Because of the optic impression. It harmonizes perfect with the Mountain scenery

If you have to make now a new decision, would you still build a log house?

According to the experience of the past, YES, 100%

Please describe the feeling in a log house.

  • perfect climate
  • excellent optic, a mix between old and modern styles (e.g. white walls, stainless steel fireplace, modern kitchen…)

For further log house owners, what are the most important things to know?

  • Look about a professional wood house supplier, which has a plenty of experience and a very well, high motivated team. With Finnland Block GmbH we had the absolute right partner for that and we do not regret it.
  • One really big point is the perfect planning before you begin. The block kid is complete assembled in Finnland. Also little corrections at the construction walls are not possible later on. That’s the same for installations inside (electric, water, …)
  • Try to get fix prices ! As many trades as possible from one company because extra costs extra
  • But still at some extras, Finnlandblock was at every time fair

What is the most positive part of your log house?

  • pleasant wood smell
  • very deep sleeping
  • low budget heating
  • very well radiation shield

Thank you for the interview and we wish you good luck in your log house!